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In order to allow you to better understand national and European funding, we organize training on setting up and managing European projects in order to improve your chances of success and secure your funding.
Our trainings are especially designed to give you the knowledge you need to master all these public and European rules.


Our trainers are all experts in national and European funding with extensive experience in pedagogy. CV available on request


You are a company, an association, a community, a university, a project manager, having already managed funding or not and aiming to submit and/or manage a project financed by public or European funds.
No prerequisites are required to follow these trainings.


Nos formations sont accessibles aux personnes en situation de handicap. Si vous êtes dans cette situation, n’hésitez pas à prendre contact avec Audrey Peyron à l’adresse suivante : audrey.peyron@axessdev.com


We provide you with the methods needed to select your project for funding, to formalize your ideas or projects in grant applications, and provide you with effective management tools to monitor and secure the funding of your project.
Our training can be organized individually or collectively, intra or inter-company.
The training group is up to 8 participants.


We offer synchronous training made up of different modules taking place over one or two days alternating theory and practice as well as concrete examples and questions and answers.
/// Place of training: Aix en Provence /// To be defined if intra training /// Distanciel possible


OPCOs can finance your training, find out!
To go further, we can also build with you a personalized plan according to your expectations and your project.
To go further, we can also build a personalized plan with you according to your expectations and your project. Contact us: contact@axessdev.com

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