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An offer intended for managers of start-ups, VSEs, SMEs or associations, adaptable to all levels of maturity:
from creation to support for growth.
Our services start with a strategic diagnosis phase which allows us to understand the company's environment and its needs.

Offre Business plan

  • Critical review of the strategic analysis and positioning of the company worked within the framework of the business plan
  • Construction of ad hoc business model tools:
    • Structured hypothesis notebooks for your business
    • Structured forecast financial statements for all stakeholders: managers, banks, investors and potential public financiers
    • Standardized and automated restitutions
  • Formalization of reporting of quantified statements, hypotheses with the manager
  • Formalization of scenarios and options where applicable

Private fundraising

  • Connecting with relevant stakeholders
  • Preparing for pitching
  • Assistance in negotiations
  • Folder mounting support
  • Support in due diligence operations

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